What to do if you are not abducted by a UFO
What to do if you are not abducted by a UFO

Series Creator

Hirsch was born in the small town of Piedmont, California in 1985.

Alexander Robert Hirsch

Alex has a twin sister, Ariel.

In 2012, Hirsch created the animated series Gravity Falls for Disney Channel.
The prototypes of the main characters of the series, the twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, were Alex himself and his twin sister Ariel.



The series won a BAFTA Children's and Annie Award in 2015 and was nominated for several other awards, including a Peabody Award in 2016.
Ariel and Alex were raised in Piedmont, California where Dipper and Mabel live.
As a child, Ariel wanted a pig, so Alex, as a gift to her, made Mabel to have Waddles.
The concept of the series is based on the childhood of the twins.
As a child, Ariel was obsessed with a member of the boyband NSYNC, so Alex Hirsch asked him to voice several members of the boyband "SEV'RAL TIMEZ".
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Mabel and Dipper's middle names are the names of Alex and Ariel's parents.
The Mystery Shack is based on a combination of tourist traps and the attic of a "big Victorian house" next to Alex Hirsch's school.
Mystery Shack
Gravity Falls town
Gravity Falls is a mysterious, sleepy town in eastern Oregon, where mysterious and supernatural phenomena often occur, was officially founded in 1842.

The inhabitants of the city are written off from the relatives and friends of Alex. Perhaps that is why the characters turned out to be so sincere, and their behavior recognizable.

Dipper Pines

Dipper is similar to his creator, Hirsch wanted the hero to be as nervous and insecure as Alex himself at his age.
The author hoped that such a character would have a special connection with the viewer, but soon realized that it was not so interesting to watch an ordinary weakling.
Dipper was allowed to take risks and dream big, so the character shows real courage at the right time.

Mabel Pines

To create the image of Mabel, Alex constantly thought about how his sister would have acted in this or that situation, and based on her behavior in elementary school.
Alex took everything into account to the smallest detail: as a child, Ariel also adored colorful sweaters, fell in love with someone every week and dreamed of a tame pig.

Sous Ramirez

Sous, the good-natured and clumsy employee of the Mystery Shack, was based on an acquaintance of Alex from college.
He always sat in the computer lab and offered to help, although he was more likely to break something than fix it. Hirsch considered him a fairly sincere person and wanted to add the same character to his series.

Bill Cipher

One day, Alex asked his mother why there was a pyramid on the one dollar bill. She jokingly replied that it was an ancient symbol, and the founders of the United States were in secret societies. The boy immediately imagined them worshiping the triangular monster.
Later, Alex added arms and a top hat to the pyramid - this is how Bill, the main villain of Gravity Falls, appeared.
But Hirsch borrowed the voice and manner of speech for the character from his second grandfather.
Both grandfathers served as the basis for the image of Uncle Stan. Most of all, the hero resembles Alex's relative on his father's side: the animator describes him as a big, rude guy who wore a chain and saved every cent.
Alex and Ariel's real-life uncle was inspired by Stan's great-uncle, owner of the Mystery Shack.

Stan Pines

of a fictional city
of a fictional city
A good way to structure a series is to come up with cornerstones, important questions and answers, but leave yourself room for experimentation
Alex Hirsch
The small details
Hirsch thought of everything to the smallest detail. Every detail that once appeared in the series remains so in it - from the T-shirt bought by the hero to the tooth found.
The patterns on Mabel's sweaters are not accidental and symbolize some plot twists, and on the backs there are real rebuses and riddles.
Bill's riddle
Bill is a magical creature, a powerful demon that can enter a person's subconscious.
Each episode of the animated series is filled with Bill's cipher symbols.
In one of the episodes, the characters run through the fair. There, on the objects, subtle letters are hidden, which add up to the phrase "GOAT AND A PIG".
The whole series is filled with such ciphers and codes, designed for lovers of puzzles like Dipper.
Try to crack a code
of Gravity Falls
In addition to the animated series, Hirsch has released two official Gravity Falls books, Diary 3 and Gravity Falls: Forgotten Legends.
Most of all, fans wanted to read "Diary 3", and Alex did not refuse them. So he was able to embody some ideas that had to be abandoned at the time: writing in invisible ink that is readable under ultraviolet light.
Together they left clues that were supposed to lead to the goal in the USA, Japan and Russia. Fans had to find them one by one and pass information to each other, solving ingenious codes. Hirsch personally hid the first clue in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg during a trip to Russia.
Fragment of a clue found in St. Petersburg, Kazan Cathedral
Hirsch organized a quest for fans around the world: he invited them to join forces to find the hidden statue of Bill Cipher.
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